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About Yellowmoon Entertainment

 Yellowmoon Entertainment is a one man show. This gives you a few guarantees that other companies cannot give. One, you will only work with me, Oteiko Francis, from the day you first contact me, through the booking and planning process, and on the day of your big event. No surprises, no random DJ, and awkward introductions on the day of your event.

I started this business because I have a passion for music and a desire to entertain. I worked in a high end convention center for years prior to becoming a DJ and have seen numerous DJs in action. I have seen so many weddings that have ended early because everyone left before the end of the night. Empty dance floors, bad announcing, and poor music selections. I have witnessed DJs spending the majority of the night outside smoking and leaving their equipment on autoplay. Some DJ companies turn up the lights and have your guests pose for advertising shots during your event. I knew I could provide the clients with a more well rounded and professional experience with their DJ. With Yellowmoon Entertainment you can guarantee these things will never happen. When you book me and my services I am there for you. I am meticulous and really care about your event because I know how important it is for you and I also know how much a bad review can hurt my company. I am not just a DJ who will receive a paycheck no matter how I do on your event. 

Here at Yellowmoon Entertainment, I pride myself in having the best possible equipment.  You can see on the link below (What to Expect from my DJ) a list of the equipment I use at every event no matter what event you are hosting. I have done hours of research to find the highest quality equipment and believe  in having a clean and professional looking set up. 

Meet Your DJ - OTEIKO

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Hi there, 

My name is Oteiko Francis, I am the owner and operator of Yellowmoon Entertainment. I am a father of three young boys that I hope to instill my passion for music in and share this journey with someday. When I am not DJing I enjoy listening to music, playing sports, cooking authentic Jamaican cuisine, and spending time with my family.